Once upon a time…

The story of our family business began way back, after the war, when many “nónes” were forced to emigrate all over the world to be able to work.

One of these was the “spóreze” Celestino Remondini, who, thanks to his strength, tenacity and spirit of sacrifice, managed to start a packaging and sawmill business at the end of the 1950s.

At first it was located in Funes, but then it was moved to its own land in Millan. Together with his “taióta” wife Erminia, he also built his home here with his own hands.

The idea started out as a bit of fun!

Over time, the business continued together with his three children, but soon they got the idea to try their hand at a sector as yet unknown to them: food!

The first renovations took place in 1992 and the building was transformed into a restaurant. The intention was to create a welcoming environment that reflected the typical décor of the local tradition and culture. In 2003, after a good start, it was decided to expand the room and create a Stube in larch wood. In 2010, the decision was taken to invest and expand the structure, renovating the roof and thermal insulation, while the paving of the summer terrace was renewed in 2020.

The best is yet to come, however…

The “new” generation

After graduating in Tourism Economics in Perugia and specialising in Tourism Management in Trento, in 2015 Matteo, son of Marcello Remondini and Martina Oberhofer († 2020), decided to follow them on the path of catering and continue the family business with passion and love.

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