Our Pasta

Italian Love

We love pasta so much that Valentina was the first spaghetti restaurant in Brixen!

Every day, our Chef delights us with the classics of Italian cuisine such as garlic, oil and chilli, carbonara, amatriciana, puttanesca, Bolognese sauce, pesto genovese and Scoglio. All strictly homemade!

Our Steak

International Passion

In addition to pasta, we have different cuts of meat, such as marinated pork ribs with homemade barbecue dip, “rare” beef steak with rocket and parmesan flakes, a burger with bread baked in a wood oven and our succulent mixed grill (1kg.)

Other must-tries include the timeless Milanese cutlet with cranberry jam and the delicious chicken wings served with a sour-spicy dip.

Have we whetted your appetite? Come and visit us!


The magic of the seasons

We will pamper and spoil you with high-quality and seasonal products!

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